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Gisela Heffes
Gisela Heffes

Gisela Heffes joined our faculty in July, 2009.  She graduated from Yale University in 2007, with a Ph.D. in Latin America literature.  

For further information see her brief bio.

Student Spotlight

Lorena Villarreal spotlight
Lorena Villarreal
Major Lorena Villarreal sent the following note:  This summer was amazing.  I worked with Leadership Enterprise for a Diverse America (LEDA), a non-profit college-prep program  based in New York City, which seeks to redress inequality of higher educational opportunity for low-income high school juniors across the United States, whose socio-economic, racial and/or ethnic background is currently under-represented at the nation's top colleges and universities.  This summer, the program hosted 60 students at Princeton University where we lived for 8 weeks. Read More »


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Las Cuidades (Heffes)
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For more publication information by the Spanish and Portuguese faculty members see their page, via the faculty list  (click on their names).